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    05 RXP Strange VTS Issue - goes down but not up

    Though the VTS module was bad. Tested it on another ski and it worked fine. Also tried two other known good VTSs with same results. Maybe the switch is bad. Nope, checks good along with the wiring. Also checked the connectors at the MPEM. All check good. This vts has a six wire connector and a two wire connector. I did notice that the vts has six wires coming from the module, whereas the six pin connector that runs back to the MPEM has only five wires, the black wire that would be between the green/white (down) wire and the blue/white (up) wire is not there. Is this correct? Could the MPEM fail on just that circuit? Does any how to check the wires at the connector to the VTS?

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    Did you ever figure out your problem with your VTS? I have the same issue but I have no power going to my up button.

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    In my experience that is a bad (internal) reed switch, as in the VTS module is bad. There is no power going to switch, it's a signal using ground.

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