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    Sucked up an anchor rope :(

    Hi all,

    I'm only a pretty new pwc'er and after a great few days over Christmas with the family at Lake Tinaroo in NQ, Australia I sucked up the remnants of an anchor rope close to the shore. It must have been sitting just under the water and I went dead over it and pulled it up. I got the Sea Doo (it is a GTX iS 255 Limited) out of the water and managed to cut about 1m of the rope away from around the driveshaft but there is still a small amount that passes through from the inlet to the other side of the impeller.

    I've attached some photos showing both sides and I'm hoping you might be able to help with some tips. I opened the bucket to the highest position using IBR Override so I can access the impeller and I've disconnected the battery.

    Got any helpful advice? How does the condition of the impeller and wear ring look from what you can see (both were replaced 12 hours ago)? Is it easiest to remove with scalpel attached to a stick and long tongs or is there an easy way to unbolt parts and get to it from the rear.

    I've also attached a photo of a small bit of damage on the hull that I've just spotted - it could have been caused by the anchor being pulled up and hitting the boat. What are your thoughts about this damage? It appears to be about 5mm deep.

    You'll also see a photo of where the driveshaft exits the hull, does this look ok? There appears to be a bit of damage from the rope being wrapped around the shaft, or is that normal?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks in advance for any help you can give!



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    Make sure you fill in that hole from the achore with black marine tex. You doo not want that to get water in there and start to delaminate your hull. DOnt ride it untill this is done.

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    Hello, its hell when you suck up something. As for removal you are on the right track. I would not pull the prop and back end off to get at it. However, its pretty simple to remove that intake grate .... a couple of bolts and easy to put back on. The photos help explain your predicament well. Good luck.

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    Hi mate, yeah just do as the above, remove the grate and pull all the rope out, long nose pliers will work and then fill those holes in the hull before you ride it next! And your impeller looks pretty dinged up so if it cavitates when you ride it again you may need to have it fixed or new.

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    Sucked up an anchor rope :(

    Sure looks to me that your nose cone is unscrewed!

    I suggest removing the pump, then the impeller and inspect everything. The nose cone needs to be reinstalled with Red Loctite, file down the impeller blades, and look closely at the wear ring for possible replacement.

    Having the tools to do this and learning how to do this important!

    It will happen again!
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