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    amsoil and catalytic converter

    I just bought a 1200xlt with very low hours, the person who owned it before me used only yamalube in it. I mentioned that I use amsoil interceptor in all my ski's and he informed me that doing so would cause the catalytic converter to fail, according to his dealer. Anyone out there have experince with this? I plan on using the amsoil unless someone can confirm this to be true. Thanks in advance for your input.

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    I would just replace the converter with a D-plate. These boat's converters fail at relatively low hours even using the right Yamahalube. Might as well change it out then you can use whatever oil your heart desires.

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    You can run the AMSOIL Interceptor Oil in it with no issues. Here is Jerry's link here from The Green Hulk. It has been run by a bunch of people on here. I would do what LT1GMC suggests and replace the cat since you do not want it to break on you either.

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