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    polaris 2000 genesis FFI few probs.

    Ok got the motor in no dramas. First prob is dash was working but now has gone blank. Second prob is there is no oil going in to the
    throtle body have un done the blead screw and am geting a trickle there, does the engine have to be turning over to work pump or is it
    activated by the leaver like if i keep moving leaver should oil come in to bore? Third prob is engine will start and idle but wil not rev and there
    is a red flashing light on dash.also can the EMM be bolted in and the battery be removed or does the Emm bracket hold down the battery.
    Thanks in advance am itching to get this thing going Cheeers Mark.

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    The engine needs to be spinning to get oil to come out. I used a drill on the pump shaft to prime mine. Others may have different solutions.

    If there is a red light flashing, I would guess it is the check engine light coming on. Use the links in my signature to find how to build a simple tool to read the check engine codes. They may help you determine why the engine will not rev. May be a TPS issue. Check all your connections.


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    You can manually fill the oil lines. Remove the end at the pump, and put a rag under the end of it. Take a squeeze bottle with a small tip and squirt oil down the line until it comes out the other end and then quickly replace the line. After doing this, make sure all lines are installed securely. At cranking speed the pump is turning too slow to really see any oil movement.

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