Well, at the risk of getting flamed for starting a new thread, I will say I searched here in vain prior to this posting.

When you remove the center compartment console, you see the offending little speaker that is mounted up and to the frame that has a red and black wire that feeds it. Of course, this is not the same speaker that barks at you when you have low fuel etc, or if it is, it is an entirely different sound.

So, 12 hours on this new machine, and many of these early hours had this speaker emitting a high frequency tone. There was nothing on the led dash display that seemed to say anything out of character, and the alarm would go off for a brief spell and then start it's bullshit when it felt like it.

In searching for this issue here on this forum, the best I could come up with is the usual alarm info that is tied to specific and predictable conditions.

This is oddly different.

Hull is water free
Engine broken in per specs
motor exhausting water from both beside and behind - all good
display functioning as designed
starts fine, runs fine.

Any thoughts are appreciated.