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    RXP dosent always start (some times clicks out)

    ive just fully rebuilt my 2005 rxp, after i primed the oil pumps etc, it started first time.

    the only small problem ive got now is that it dosent always start on the button. i suspect ive got a duff battery. (ill do the obvious next and check voltage drop whilst i press button)

    but the only think that springs to mind is that i used synthetic grease on the starter motor o-seals. and also the the bolts for the starter moter. (i dont know if this is a bad idea for a good earth)?

    when it dosent start the starter solinoid clicks out.

    (batterys on charge now. and i cleaned the earth connection) (i cleaned the 3 earth bolts in the block well)

    other than paying out for a new battety can anyone suggest any check that i can do to prove that its battery


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    Starter Relay. Happy New Year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADAMBOMB View Post
    Starter Relay. Happy New Year.
    Love the new avatar Adam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADAMBOMB View Post
    Starter Relay. Happy New Year.
    I have a 2005 Limited. Had the same problem, Dealer replaced the button on the start handle bars. Worked good the rest of the summer. It is acting up now again. Can hear the solenoid under the seat clecking so should I think maybe the starter button has gone out again, or should I did deeper. The Battrey is not new but show a good 12 Volts when I tested it under load.
    Want to get it where it will start up first time as I have the ski for sale. BG

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