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    turbo or supercharger

    I have a 2006 RXP with stage 3 kit have been 83mph, am really wanting to go around 90 I love the accerlation with the supercharger as I have been bouying racing it and some drag races plus rec ride. Am looking at the ET 71/45 OR a big turbo but don't want to loose the accerlation. Could I get some feed back as to which way to go? Thanks for the input.

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    A big supercharger isn't for everyone. On the same note a turbo isn't for everyone either.
    To answer your question it basically goes down to a money problem. A supercharger if maintained properly can last you quite some time. If the budget is low then I'd say stick to the supercharger and just learn how to rebuild them to save some money or you can send it to Jerry as he's the best of the best. As far as a turbo goes, with the proper setup you will have no problems achieving your desired speed. With new turbos out in the market which make it almost as responsive as a supercharger. The big question you have to ask yourself though is how much money can you really spend and go from there.

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