HI, new member to the forum all though I have been on the site many times in the past. I've owned this sea-doo for 3 years now and was gonna sell it for something newer, but i love the body of the XP and wanna give it a face lift. Thinking about new paint, seat cover, hydro turf, bars etc. Not sure if I should mess with the motor as it has no issues and don't wanna fix something that isn't broke. Motor is reliable and runs strong. Things I would like to fix is the VTS and it has a small leek in the rear I need to figure out. when I pull it on shore and leave the rear in the water, it takes on water, so obviously its taking water on in the rear. When riding the ski and get off to check inside the hull, its dry. only takes water on while sitting. No Hull damage. Ive filled the inside of hull with water(not over the electronics)and looked for a leak while on the trailer....nothing, bone dry. Any Suggestions.