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Thread: 2008 fx ho

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    2008 fx ho

    I'm being told that 2008 FX HO is the best all around ski with amazing fuel economy, i was told not to go with the newer ones the 1.8l and not with the older ones because they are heavier, just looking for a non super charged family jetski that i can do some tubing/wakebording but mainly cruising on fresh water lake, any thoughts ?

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    The 2008 FX HO is a great ski.........has a range of around 120 miles, is very reliable, is great for touring, towing & is great in the rough....a great all round family ski.
    The 1.8.......this depends on wether 2009-2011 or 2012 on. The hull on the 09-11 handles in the same way as the 2008, accelleration is noticibly quicker with a top speed around 5mph better.
    The 2012 on has a longer hull & is more stable at speed (and when stopped), better in the rough & more nimble (turns & can be thrown around more). In general the top speed seems to be 2-3mph down on the previous 1.8. Range on both 1.8 will be around 95-100 miles.
    Reliability..........the MR1 1052cc engine is a great piece of engineering & very reliable for a 20 valve unit. However the 1.8 is so under stressed (it is like a big lump compared to the MR1) that IMHO it will be even more reliable over time.
    Off course it will also depend on the budget you have.

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    I agree. I have a 2007 MR-1 FX HO and love it. I've also been able to ride a 2010 FX HO (1.8 n/a engine) and the ski is awesome. Perfect balance of performance, fuel economy, & reliability. I havent got a chance to get on a new 2012 FX HO, but I will tell you that you cant go wrong with a FX HO.

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    Thanks guys, I'm flexible on the budget i just wasn't sure on the fuel economy differences between 1.8L and the MR-1. my main concern is reliability and fuel economy. with short summers where I am i don't want to be without a ski for weeks.

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