To make a long story short, I'm in the market for a new ski (or two). I sold my 2008 STX15F and double trailer for a profit at the end of last season after almost 50 hours of use. I decided that this time around I would like a ski with a few more bells and whistles in addition to something that can hook up a little better in the chop.

I have never owned a Sea Doo before, but I have learned a bit while lurking in this section over time. I am interested in purchasing a 2006 Sea Doo RXT and a 2010 Sea Doo GTX. A buddy of mine currently stationed in Afghanistan may be taking the RXT off my hands, but that is beside the point.

These skis are being sold by a local boat store for their owner who bought a boat with them. I thought this would make the purchase a little tougher but the salesman who has been acting as the third party has done a good job at relaying information and even told me that the seller has a few boats and would likely drop his prices even farther if a cash deal was proposed.

First, is the 2006 RXT. I know that these skis are infamous for their ceramic washer failure. The good news is this ski only has about 25 hours on it, the bad news is the ski still has ceramic washers. How much would that service cost through Jerry? The parts are about $330 plus shipping the supercharger to him. Are there any other issues with these skis that I should know about to use as either a bargaining chip or just simply understand going in? He is only asking $3,500 for this ski if I purchase the GTX as well. I am happy with that price, but would like to figure out how much the supercharger will set me back.

Are there any known issues with the 2010 GTX? I have not heard of any. How fast will this ski be in comparison to the 2008 STX15F that I had last season? I feel like this ski would suit me well for this season but he is asking $8,500 for this ski which is a bit high in my opinion. However, the ski only has about 30 hours on it.

Thank you for your help.