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    Question wear ring advice needed :(

    okay so i just got back from riding the river the last 4 days. was all fine and good. cavitating a little but nothing to major.

    took it out today in the bay and as soon as i hit a little bit of chop the cavitation was ridiculous. it wouldnt even pull out of the water or whip the rear out of the water...

    i came home and pulled the pump thinking that the prop would be ruined to find that the fins were still sharp. although the wear ring had a few lines in it.

    recently i cut the fins out of the pump hole becuase a few were snapped off.

    i thought this might be causing it if i didnt sand it smooth enough? but not sure so i took photos of the pump hole, wear ring and the impeller to see if you could tell me if its purely the wear ring or not? or if there is some other reason its cavitating so bad?

    i noticed one half wasnt as bad so i flipped it for now until i get my new one when i get a chance to order it.

    all help appreciated! thanks
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    Either Carbon seal or check your Jetpump seal aswell. Get a stainless liner while you are ordering one!!!

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    That wear ring looks worn for the type of riding your ping I would get a Oem plastic one. Cheaper more forgiving. I also see about getting you a aftermarket prop it would help you out tremendously

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    Re: wear ring advice needed :(

    That wear ring looks terrible. Get a new one and stay away from shallow water and or floating trash if u can.

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    I don't ride in water less then my thigh deep. And I always shake the ski side to side to get any stuff out before starting. I'm guessing it sucked up floating things... so u think the cavitating is caused by the wear ring purely becAuse it's so bad? I thought It was a oem one...

    My neighbour gets them for 65 aud so I guess I'll just order a new one?

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    That picture of the wear ring is toast. That will cavitate all over the place. Replace it and see how it runs thenlook into something else if it still cavitates.

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    Yeap get a stainless liner and check the rest .... Carbon seal and pump seal ..

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    Thanks will order a new wear ring. Will reply if still getting problems after replacing.

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    Ok, am I the only one who measures things? I have through measuring my ring and impeller found that when Glen at Skat Trak sent it back it was .003 or less in the Stainless Steel wear ring. I found that out to .008 I had no detectable Cavitation. .009 to .012 I could feel slight launch cavitation. If it was larger than that told cavitation. This is on a 2012 P-X

    Measure with a feeler gage set and post the measurements.

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