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    15F battery

    Got my 15f all detailed up and maintainence done, just waiting on warm weather! Only thing I need is a new battery. Took the old one out and it was a cheap, Wal Mart one. Isn't it supposed to be a "sealed" battery? Any suggestions on where to order/get one? Does anyone have the exact battery code or number? I looks as if you can spend $50 or $150 depending on quality I guess. It's a 2006 15f. Thanks

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    Yuasa YTX20L-BS is the battery your 15F came from factory with. They are about 80-100$. They will last 5 years easy as long as you trickle and do not let it die. A friend has one 7 years old. He keeps it on a trickle charger that detects a full charge and allows a small drop before it kicks on again. Delta Maintainer I believe.
    That is the trick to getting them to last. Particularly in cold weather. Put on charger at least 10-12 days per month.

    ***EDIT*** What I really mean here is a maintainer or trickle charger. Should operate around 1.5 amps.

    The Odyssey is an excellent battery. It costs a bit more than the Yuasa. Life is similar and sometimes better if cared for.

    Bottom line is sealed battery and take care of it.

    Good luck sir.
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    A charger is one of the best investments you can make for these skis.


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    I have a Odyssey PC 625 that I can sell you, if it works on your ski

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    The other things that are nice about the odyssey battery:

    They do not self discharge. No maintainer is needed.

    They put out more power than a conventional lead acid battery.

    They are a dry cell and non spillable.

    They have no vent, and are completely sealed.

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