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    Angry Sl 780 exhaust installation question

    (Blue fuji engine) can i fit the upper exhaust the one that screws down with 4 large bolts without removing the gas tank ? i took it to sand blasting since im gonna repaint it and i would like to finish all i can as soon as possible thank you for your help (the engine is already down and screwed in place)

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    The SL compartments are pretty tight. You will likely need to remove the exhaust manifold in order to get the exhaust pipe into the hull...... 9 bolts holding it on.

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    On some motors, you have to have the pipe already in the hull before you drop in the motor. Your options now are either pull the gas tank, or pull the motor back out to get the pipe in. You may be able to pull the manifold like Bluefish said, but you may be looking at replacing gaskets if you do it that way.

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