My 09 fzr has stage 1 with stock supercharger, stock vx plate, fizzle intercooler and r3. I have 150 hours on the original clutch and stock impeller. Rpms are at 8400 during the summer and 8500 in the cooler weather (around 55). My speed is 74 with a occasional 75.

My first question is the stock imeller. There is a ding in the trailing edge of the impeller that I need to have straightened out. I tried to do it myself but it made the rpms go higher and I lost 2 mph. I am going to have it repitched and would like to know if I should keep it where it is or have it changed a little to match the mods that I have done. I have tried the solas prop with no luck.

My second question is do I have to get a afr gauge? I will not be doing any more mods and I am considering going back to the r1. I did not notice much of a improvement and it is much easier to get 87 octane then the 91 gas.