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    2001 genesis 1200 low rpms


    I've got a 2001 1200 w carbs I'm trying to determine if it's worth buying or not
    looks like it's been sitting for awhile
    checked the compression 130psi all cylinders
    changed plugs got it running by priming it with carb spray
    after running it for a few looked down carbs and none of the accelerator pumps are working
    also when I had it running rpms don't seem to raise up very high
    reverse gate looks to be up
    trying to determine if it may have problems other than just overhauling the carbs, removing & adding fresh fuel, cleaners, etc...

    was reading some other posts that a weak stator, rpm limiters, etc... might be a factor

    One question is there anyway to determine if it has other issues before overhauling the carbs
    I haven't commited to purchasing this vessel yet, so it would be nice to know what I'm getting myself into ahead of time if it's possible


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    Accelerator pump needs to be primed. This happens when the engine is running. After working the throttle a few times they should get primed. Was there a blinking light or any warnings on the display? What kind of RPMs were you seeing?

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    Yes I realized that they needed to be primed
    but they never started to work after running it several differant times
    working the throttle quite a bit each time it was restarted
    Ok next I'll check for warning lights, craft is up on a trailer so I really could see the instrumentation


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    Just re ran it and checked the display,
    the main part of it is not working at all: so no rpm reading is available

    plus I do not see any warning lights flashing

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    I found a blown fuse for the display, once changed out display now works, & yes I do have a flashing light along with reverse warning message
    again I had already checked rear reverse bucket and it's up and in the forward postion
    so now I'm working on why the reverse warning is set
    wondering if there is a faulty sensor somewhere for that

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    There is a switch sensor as part of the PERC electric reverse motor assembly. That switch also has a bunch of contacts for controlling the reverse motor direction.

    There is a diagnostic process for the reverse motor switch contacts.

    Does the Reverse bucket actually move through its full range from down (reverse position) to fully up (forward position)?

    Note: When the engine is not running, you can power the reverse motor by holding the bilge button down then using the PERC forward/reverse buttons.

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    Earlier I tried unplugging the reverse module and yes the light went off from that

    Just now after reading your advice I plugged it back in tried moving it through full range
    and yes it did go through the full range
    once it came all the way up to forward postion the light went out

    I guess the system is working ok then, the problem it wasn't fully in forward mode?

    Thanks so much for the advice, it was of great help

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