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    px 255 seat mods?

    bit of a question/discussion...

    i did a search but couldn't find anything about the topic.

    just wondered has anyone else ever wondered why seadoo made the rxpx with a flat seat? all the other models have some sort of bump in the seat. a bit of a kick to sit your bum in. but the 255 is completely flat.

    just wondereing has anyone ever tried to mod the foam in theres to put a bump in it to sit ur bum and stop u sliding back? or do people just go with the jet trim seat covers? i really prefer the stock seat cover colours and didnt wanna change it...

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    You would have to go with a Jet Trim to get custom foam. The seat cover would have to be replaced as well, the stock wont stretch enough with a hump in the foam. The should be able to get close to original colors, that have hundreds of colors out there.

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    Im in the process of installing my jet trim. The hump is there for the solo cowl section. The cowl on the RXP-X seat has a little gap between the seat and cowl.

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    Another forum member traded my stock p-x for a p seat with an aftermarket cover. The P seats were much softer and looked better IMO.

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    a rxp seat will fit a rxpx up to 2011.

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