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Thread: 99 ultra 150

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    99 ultra 150

    thinking off buying a 99 ultra as a spare sled for friends to use. the guys got a 99 75hrs or a 2001 90 hrs, how are these machines? im a seadoo guy but the price is right on these.

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    The Ultra 150s are great 'Skis, but they have some idiosyncrasies you need to be aware of.

    Check the oil lines for cracks or replace them, check the oil pump cable for fraying, don't use aftermarket flame arrestors, watch for worn pump bearings, modify the trim for more fun, seal the back of the display to keep water out, etc.

    Here are some threads you should read:

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    Hello, I think if the price is right .... you beat them for flat-out fun ! Fast, Fast, Fast

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