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    Wtb quick clean conversion (gpsho or gprxp)

    Hi guys, sold 2 skis this week.. (Gpsho and fzr) and I'm looking for another conversion..

    What I want, solid 95mph+ as minimal as possible cavitation.. with all the good gear.. No rubbish stuff and ready to be crated. I don't have time to build one, I sold the gpsho because It needed a lot of time which I don't have, my limited time I want to be on the water enjoying a really quick ski not under it..

    My price budget depends on what is out there.. I won't lowball what's out there, if I find what I want we will work a price out.

    duke, jim, etc etc where r u guys at.. Sell me something ballistic.. Lol

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    Check Tantrum. I do not know if he sold his GPRXP but he aw selling a nice clean setup.

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    Pm'd already thanks bro

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    Wtb quick clean conversion (gpsho or gprxp)

    I have a WFO built 2Rude, vtech 8800 GPRXP...91 mph and locked down! There is more in it. Let me know if you are interested. Jeremy
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