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    Advice needed 2000 gp1200r (rebuilt engine)

    Hi all

    Just completed the rebuild. Noticed on idel the first cylinder is warmer than the rest? What can be the cause? Also when the ski idles and you pull plug leads 2 and 3 off you hear the spark but when you pull 1 off the ski dies. Not sure what the problem can be, any advise much appreciated.

    ski is 2000 gp1200r, d plate and premixed.


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    what do your spark plugs look like are you getting fuel to all 3 cylinders

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    What was some with the carbs when you rebuilt the motor? Sounds like your mainly or only running on the front cylinder. If all cylinders are running well you should have approx the same rpm drop on each cylinder when you remove a spark plug wire.

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    plug 2 + 3 are wetter than plug 1 (new plugs). Carbs were redone on previous engine overhaul less than 5hrs. All damaged parts were replaced with OEM this time around. Never put the ski on the water yet, need to make sure everything is 100's. Will a compression test be able to give me more insight into what could be wrong?

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    Definitly do a compression test and post pics of all 3 plugs. Also-check spark to all 3 -be sure you just dont have a couple fouled plugs.

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    Did the compression test. 1=155pSi 2=125psi(cylinder and piston replaced) 3=165psi. When the engine was rebuilt the centre gudgeon pin weighed less than the other 2 if that makes any difference? Cylinders are all the same temp when idling with hose on.

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