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    Should Promoters/Owners race there own series?? Looking for some input.

    Brent and I where talking about rather we should actually race in the Hydro x Tour. We do not want to cause any conflict of interest if we do. What are your thoughts.

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    My opinion says race but can see where there might be people upset. Maybe race but not let yourself be permitted to gain points towards an overall series.

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    Thanks Duke! thats kinda what we where thinking too. So far everyone seems to be ok with it.

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    Re: Should Promoters/Owners race there own series?? Looking for some input.

    Just race honestly I know most the people who race that region and they wont care

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    Go for it & give us your best !

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    Race is a race no matter where you do it, as long as you follow by the rules that everyone else follows by, it should be no problem,
    Our Promoter in region 5 races R/A and Stand up classes,
    He is not the race director when he races ,he appoints someone else for that duty,
    The course marshall and tech treat him as bad as the rest of us,

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    Thanks again for the input... I think its game on then

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    Brent not a racer but just thinking what advantage would you have being the the series promotor. Once you pass the start line its the best boat and rider that will finish first that day. I know of at least ones series that was started specifically so his kids would have a place to race. Just race fair and square like always.

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    losers will always cry foul if the promoter wins, fuck and let the best man win !!!!

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