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Thread: fx140 upgrades

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    fx140 upgrades

    hi all i have an 03 fx140 and i put a solas 13/19 prop on it with r&d anti cavitation cone and riva air filter was just wondering if anyone has put on ride plate and grate or any other mods and what kind of speeds you are getting out of it thanks

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    Just wondering, how big of a difference did it make? worth the money

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    for what i did so far barely hitting 60 top speed before 55 i had the prop and the other stuff i got used at a fair price

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    Thats pretty good, i've got a fx160, and i hit 59.8(Stock for now) So your right there with me now.

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    i want to do plate grate and freeflow exhaust but i was wondering if anyone else has done it because if top speeds not much more i wont waste my money

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    Definitely get rid of the OEM airbox it's very restrictive and tends to clog with oil which reduces performance over time. We had a pair of the FX 140's, added the Velocity Stack Kit with the Riva Power Filter it was good for about 3 mph as I recall...

    RIVA Velocity Stack Kit

    Power Filter

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    My 2nd ski is a FX-140. It's got intake grate, rideplate, air filter/velocity stacks, free flow, solas 13/19 impeller. None of the mods gave me much noticeable performance, was pretty disappointed. Top speed GPS was somewhere around 58. If you are using speedometer for your speed on mine it is about 5 mph too fast compared to the GPS.

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    i probably should have mentioned i also have a gpr and the jet pumps the same as the fx so i put on the gp 37mm nozzle and gp steering nozzle maybe that helped

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    Quote Originally Posted by sustaita1 View Post
    i want to do plate grate and freeflow exhaust but i was wondering if anyone else has done it because if top speeds not much more i wont waste my money
    Use the RIVA FX-SHO ride plate on your FX140. Its a great plate, fits well and provides great tracking and stability. Loved it on my FX140 and will be putting one on my FX160. As a note, I ride in the ocean and always setup for rough water riding.

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    i will try that i ride in the ocean often also

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