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    Should I wait

    Found this site when doing research on a new RXP-X 260. Was at the boat show with no intentions of buying a new jet ski when I came across one. I've been wanting another 2 seater to replace my 2001 ultra 150. Couple of questions. The boat show price was 13,988 and it had a 4yr warranty with it. I can if I have to but really wasn't planning on buying this soon. However I don't want to loose a good deal by wating. Does Seadoo usually come out with incintives like this in the spring also? Am I going to find that price in the spring or should I just go ahead and do it now? I have till Wednesday to decide. I won't be modding it at all. Will usually ride 1 person. Ride in a large lake but won't be crazy chop. Just want the ski for screwing around and having a good time. I have another 3 person ski and 2 boats for any watersports. Should I be looking at any other jet skis?

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    Wish you would have replied to my post yesterday about close outs on 2012's...I had one for much cheaper than that woith the 4 year warranty!!!!!!

    13998 is near msrp....Was that with a trailer?? Tax??? Any add on fees??? Freight, prep, doc fees????

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    no trailer and I honestly don't know if it included all that in it. It was at the end of the boat show and I had to leave so we didn't sit down and talk all that much. My guess would be no it wasn't incuding tax ect ect.

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    DJ50, I'm relatively new to the forum like you and want to point you to a thread that I started ...

    It got crickets.

    But from talking to others outside this forum I know the time to buy is now. I went to the Nashville boat show last week and worked out a deal on a RXT 260. Not a spectacular deal but much less than the 2013 MSRP and a 4 year warranty to boot. The 4 year warranty is very significant and from what I've heard is not something you're going to find for free in the spring/summer.

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