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    2008+ FX SHO or 2009+ FZR/FZS somewhat near Florida, under $7500

    Time has come to pick up something SHO powered to add some more Japanese flavor to my Canadian stable. Would prefer sub 100 hours and mostly fresh water use. I've stumbled across a few 08 FX SHOs with 40-70 hours for $6500-7500 so there are some out there. The hull doesn't need to be pretty...hell, it could have sunk (IN FRESH WATER), and been cleaned long as it's running. I just need a solid motor, ECU, charger, harness, midshaft, mounts, and pump

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    Hey Rob, Crashking's FZR is a known ski to me. He used to come down and ride with us once in a while. No mods done to the ski, but air intake.

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    I'll shoot him an email. His price is fair but $500 more than my max limit.

    Thanks Jim!

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    2008+ FX SHO or 2009+ FZR/FZS somewhat near Florida, under $7500

    An acquaintance has a fx sho, asking $7,500. Pm if interested.

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    Thanks guys...I've already grabbed a clean 09 FZR off Joey here in the forums.

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    I'm looking for a ski with the above description as well.. Please contact me if you have one available 786 266 75 25

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    Me as well. Will take a FX HO.. Damaged hull even better. Want the drive train for my SUV1200. 772 214 2916

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