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    Hydro-Turf Mat install question (rear rub rail removeal)


    I am replacing the mats on an older Yamaha ski with Hydro-Turf mats. Fun! Fun! The rear mat tucks behind the rear rub rail.

    How do I remove the rear rub rail? I can see the back side of rivets every couple of inches along the rear. I can only see the outside of the rivets on the corners.
    I assume to remove the corners, I simple remove the rivet covers and drill out the old rivets.

    What about the rivets on the rear piece itself? Are they attached to the rub rail somehow or a bracket?
    I am hoping once the corners are off, the rear rub rail will simply slide off. Do I need to remove both corners?


    Phillip Lawrence

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    On mine I drilled the 2 rivets in the back that hold on the corner peice. That allowed me to move the corner peice so I could slide the center part of the back rub rail out. Then I drilled the rivets holding that peice on. The new Hydro turf mats will come with new rivets.

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