Hey guys I picked up my 01 ultra last year and it has 180 hrs on it. It ran perfect all season like she was right out of the box. At the end of summer I checked compression and all 3 were around 95-100 which is fairly low. So I decided to just tear the motor down and replace anything that needs to be (i.e oil lines, gaskets etc.) While I have it torn down I want to go ahead and replace the pistons and get the cylinders honed and re-nikacil'ed. I'm just going back to stock ( don't know enough to start modding), so I've got a list of questions the I was hoping could be answered all in one place instead of hrs of research ( which I'm already doing anyway lol) so heres the list.

1. I want to go with either red oil/fuel lines or steel braided and can't seem to find any, was wondering if you guys knew where to find some

2. I need to replace the gaskets that were on the carbs and exhaust and can't find those in the oem parts store

3. What bolts need to have locktite on them?

4. Does anything need to be done with the carbs while they are off?

5. With the pistons out do I need to have anything else polished like the heads, the exhaust etc.

6. I have no idea how to tune carbs and was wondering the best/easiest way to tune the carbs so I don't burn through the motor the 1st time out.

I'm sure there will be many more but those are the ones I can think of of the top of my head. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! thanks