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    SL 1050 engine case

    I have a matching pair of engine cases off of a 1997 SL 1050. Will not split. SHould fit many Polaris engines. $50 plus shipping.

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    Hey just a note... I was out getting a part for my ski & the shop owner shows me his 97 SL 1050 .... wow was it cherry sweet ! He stated it does 68 GPS and I believe him .... looking around I see 4 racing skis, 4 racing moto bikes & two really cool drag race cars anf shop floor that was cleaner than my home He wants to know if there would be any intereset in someone looking foe a very fast Polaris he wants to sell it he would like
    $2.5K I told him I would ask around ! His e-mail is if have any interest

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