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    Using water line that shoots up in the air is second cooling line, feasible?

    I was considering blocking off the pump fitting that supplies the water for the "tell tale" or "pisser" whatever its called that shoots up into the air on the back of my XLT. I was also considering adding a second cooling line by using the dual or triple strainer that got me thinking, they're both just 1/2 inch water supplies, can't I just use the fitting on the nozzle and feed that up into the hull the same way I would if I ran the dual cooling strainer. I could add my own strainer inside the hull. Gets me out of blocking off the hole and purchasing a dual cooling kit.

    Anyone try it?

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    I have not tried it, but it would work ok. The only thing is it is not as big a hole for water, have thought about cutting it off, and tapping for a 1/4/npt 90 degree 1/2" hose nipple. Nice and tidy I would think. You wouldn't have a strainer right there though like you do on the pump plate, but those have pretty big holes anyway.
    PS: do not use the original hose to do anything with, it is not pressure rated and will burst if it gets much back pressure. (plugging the outlet and seeing the hose split soon will prove that)

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