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    yamaha xl 1200 problems

    I have a rebuilt engine for my xl 1200 and since putting the new motor in i'm having problems with it idling. It'll idle on land but when it goes in the water it dies. When I get it to idle in the water, when you take it out it revs like crazy. When i put the new engine in I cleaned out the carbies and they all looked fine, I didn't touch any of the original carbie settings. I also noticed that there isn't a stream of water shooting at the back of the ski, but it isn't over heating. Coz its a rebuilt engine i was told to premix the fuel at 50-1 with 2 stroke oil but its still pumping oil from the oil tank into the carbies.
    Other than the idle it runs fine apart from a little bogginess which I think is from the extra oil in the fuel.
    Any suggestions on how to get it running better?

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    found the problem. i did a pressure test and it turns out the rebuilt engine i brought had a crack in the top half of the crank case and had been welded but had not been welded properly so the cylinder closest to the back of the ski had been drawing in air through the crack and running lean. the question i have now is- the engine is covered by warranty but because i have to drive 4 hours each way to swap engines i was thinking of just getting the case re-welded closer to home to save time and money(its a easy fix no need to pull motor apart to weld)

    i am a little worried about the cylinder tho. As i was running the engine in there was plenty of oil (i think. because i was running premix 50-1 as well as the oil injection) so i was hoping i didn't do to much damage(had only done about 3 hrs before i found the problem and i was taking it easy. nothing over 6000rpm)

    any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Well, you could save yourself the 8 hr drive and get it fixed closer.....but then that would probably void your warranty and any damage that might come later would not be covered. If it was me I would drive the 8hrs.
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    I would spend a day traveling to exchange for another motor with good cases. Make sure that is what they are going to do. You wouldn't want to drive all that way only to have them weld on the upper case.
    I would rebuild the carbs as long as you already have them out as well.

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