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    polaris msx 140 slowly taking on water when engine is running

    I have a polaris msx140, always have problems with my jet ski taking on water when the engine is running. i have been taking it to the shop to try and get it fixed but still got that problem. i have had a look my self but cant see anything sticking out. any tips? iwas thinking of trying to make a bilge pump. has anyone put a bilge pump in there jet ski before?
    thanks regards mitchell

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    Does it also take on water when just floating at the dock?

    Has the through-hull driveshaft bearing carrier ever been serviced? It is recommended that the shaft seals and bearings be replaced every few years.

    Are the two bilge suction hoses in place and the mesh intakes on the ends clean? When the jet pump is running these two bilge hoses are supposed to provide mild suction to draw out small amounts of water that may get inside the hull.

    Have you observed the running engine compartment with the seat off? Perhaps a water cooling hose is leaking under pressure.

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