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    The slth PROJECT

    I just bought a 99 slth 700 and the hull is in great shape but every thing else is gone the electronics the mfd has water in it the stator wires are cut but stator is in perfect shape their is no ebox at all. the engine is destroyed it waterlocked the crank both cylinders and top half of case are cracked so I pretty much need everything butt the hull is mint!!!!! but the carbs are perfect and the reeds have some chips so he is what I need should I upgrade to a 800 or stay with the 700 and if so I need all those parts so pm me if you have all this

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    Here ya go......My 99 SLTH project. WIth the few things I did to mine, I have it running very well. Its a fast boat for being a 700cc 3 seater. Stock I think these only did about 47-48MPH. The changes I did, basically just ride plate and pump mods got me as high as 53MPH on GPS.

    Go in the classifieds. There is a guy selling a ton of parts from this ski. He probably has everything you need.

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