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    Question 2007 800sxr impeller

    I bought a 2007 800sxr with plate,grate and flame arrest. stock engine stock pipe has stock oem 13/22. I got a skat trac swirl 13/18 with ski, is it worth installing, I mostly ride in surf, will I see any change.

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    The stock impeller is really an excellent choice as-is. I also ride primarily in the surf and prefer the stock in aerated/whitewater situations. I have also run the Skat 13/18 and a 14/19 which are also excellent impellers, but I feel the stock had slightly better top end and the 13/18 had no real benefit over stock in bottom end hook up. They are both good, the stock slightly better. Frankly, your best improvements for bottom end/hook up would be rejetting (if you haven't already with the flame arrestor install), a lightweight flywheel, pipe and compression raise. BTW I LOVE the SXR in the surf.
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    thanks great hands on info will keep 13/18 for a spare , Sebastian fl. see ya at Monster Hole some day.

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