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    STX 1100 DI Non Runner

    Hi all, I'm looking at Kawasaki STX 1100 DI for a friend,

    It turns over and fires and occasionally backfires but wont run, I've connected KADIAG to it and tested all the injectors and spark plugs and they operate fine. When turning it over it ocassionally suddenly stops turning over as if the starter just stops suddenly, it will then resume turning over. A code that occasionally turns up is "CODE 16" which refers to CPS malfunction, but when monitoring the values using KADIAG I can see the RPM is 350 whilst cranking over, and "Engine Sync" says Yes. I've also measured the resistance of the CPS which is 400 ohms.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

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    Have you checked for fuel pressure while cranking? Is it a known good battery? My DI is extremely sensitive to battery level. Based on your description of occasional backfiring and suddenly stopping while cranking I would pull the stator cover and make sure the key hasnt sheared off in the flywheel. Sounds like you are getting the spark at the wrong time.

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    After cranking for a while it will stop firing and when the plugs are removed they are completely wetted, could this still indicate a fuel pressure issue? And I did attempt to check if the flywheel had sheared off, I removed the spark plugs and rotated the engine until each cylinder was at TDC and checked for the 3 timing ribs through the CPS hole.


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    Are they wet with gas, or is there oil all over them? Have you tried putting some gas down the injectors to see if it would fire over? I assume you have run a compression test? If you have compression, spark and gas is getting to engine I have no idea why it wouldnt be running. You can check for fuel by disconnecting the feed line to injectors and crank the engine. The EMM should turn on the fuel pump as soon as it sees engine rpm.

    Ultimately the EMM controls everything. If you have run through all the diagnostics and it still wont fire it may be time to send the EMM to be tested/repaired. I dont know if DFI charges anything to simply test. I know I had one I sent them that was not repairable and they didnt charge me anything. I just had another repaired but have not had a chance to put it back in and run the ski yet.

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    Yeah the plugs are wet with fuel and it does fire quite a few times on turning it over, and yeah I've run a compression test and all 3 cylinders were about 120. I'm based in the UK so sending it to DFI would be a bit of a pain, It has been sat for a while so I might try draining all the fuel out and replacing with new, other than that I have absolutely no idea either.


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    You may want to jump over onto the Polaris section and browse through the posts and various tech tips. I believe Polaris built far more injected skis than Kawasaki and they are essentially the exact same systems.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was just wondering if anyone had come across an issue like this before where it's claiming all 3 injector serial numbers to be the same?

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    Hi all, I'm still struggling with this ski, was just wondering if anyone had any more tips or advice the could give?


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    Did you come up with a fix? I have the exact same symptoms. I have checked the key way and the ohms of the cps is 420. The nanule says while cranking , the cups should have 2.5 volts but I get nothing. But as I read all the threads about people testing the cps they only talk about the ohms test.

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