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    Some Basic Supercharger Questions

    Hi guys,

    I have a couple of questions to ask about my charger, it is approaching 100 hrs
    and wanted to to ask about the rebuilt, here in Aus it can be expensive to get
    some things done by the dealer so that's why I'm trying to do everything myself
    if I can. First off I'm thinking of taking it out myself and and getting the rebuilt
    kit off Jerry and getting my dealer just to install the rebuilt, is there
    anything I need to know about taking the charger out? I know there is a link
    on this site on how to take it out, but anything else besides that? and when
    putting it back in, does anything have to be done, say for example tune or play
    around with the ECU?
    Second question I was even thinking going the next size up with the charger,
    what is the next size up from the charger I already have? how much more
    speed would I get out of it? and going bigger is there anything else i would have to
    do to it.

    Thanks guys.

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    Taking the s/c out and putting back in is very easy. You need to remove the air inlet hose and the intercooler hoses and loosen the clamp that holds the waterbox in place so that you can move it back. When you have access to the supercharger, there are 3 torx head bolts holding it in place, so you'll need a set of female torx sockets. The bolt on the rear of the supercharger is a PITA to get to, it is made a little easier if you remove the crankcase ventilation port that goes into the head above the s/c. For this bolt you will have to use a 6mm (or 8mm?) spanner rather than the torx socket because you will not get that in there. While you have the bolts out, it is a good idea to change them out for stainless hex head bolts rather than the torx.. They are M6 x 35 from memory.

    Nothing special needs to be done when re-installing the charger, just apply anti-seize grease to the area around the o-rings and slide it back into place. You may need to rotate the s/c impeller slightly to get the gear to line up with the flywheel. Make sure it slides all the way in and sits nicely against the PTO cover.
    It is not as simple as upgrading the supercharger and calling it a day, you will need to upgrade your fuel system to support the extra boost and ideally you would want to monitor your AFR.

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    there are many-many post on the past subject of upgrading to a bigger wheel or a bigger charger, doing the rebuild is not real hard but get with Jerry on that subject has the knowledge to steer you in the right direction,
    what model and year of ski do you have? any upgrades or bone stock?

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    It's a 2008 RXT-X stock

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