FS following parts becasue already born our twins boys and no time to ride sure.

Complete engine with 2 hours break-in, inside Riva 9,5 pistons with carillo rods ( rebalanced by Mrracing ) ported head with gen II Ferrea valves and Riva springs kit. Light Rotax cam sprocket, and LIght Crank Gear, Open loop riva cooling system

Motec M400 ECU with Sport DASH and GPS, O2 sensor, OVB update for turbo, LOG etc with special racing wire system inc. turbo swich for anti lag and launch on/off , oil temp sensor,

Rotax 159mm Pump

Light weight rxt hull

NEw never used Riva alu air intake with Riva fuel rail and 1000CC injectors

2871 Garret turbo system , ceramic coated exhaust house, watercooled down pipe

Fuel tank with walbro pump + RRFPR 800

all parts in EU