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    R5WaterXRacing 2013 Race Schedule and UPDATE....PLEASE READ

    Hello Racers,

    Over the past few days we have been on the road visiting with race sites and venues as well as speaking with some racers on their thoughts of these potential venues, the racers feedback was very positive and we will be finalizing ALOT of things in the coming weeks. We have been working hard for you since after world finals and due to personal life and other unforeseen things it has ...put us behind just a bit.

    Due to the very high volume of phone calls, messages, and facebook inquiries about race site dates and locations we have reluctantly decided to go ahead and release the TENTATIVE race dates for The 2013 R5WaterXRacing Tour.

    At R5WaterXRacing, LLC we listen to what our racers want, need and are asking for and although we have stated that we would release dates to you yesterday 1/21/13 we were not ready to give you a complete confirmation of race dates until we have heard from all of the race venues and inks had dried. During the 2012 season racers had a demand for new race venues & bigger tracks and we have been trying to accomplish that for you. We feel that what we are working on right now will make the majority pleased to know that we listened. You will be able to travel and see new places and faces!

    Please keep in mind that these dates are TENTATIVE and could possibly move one weekend before or one weekend after. Typically we do not need to move a race date even if we have it as tentative but if the host city has something come up or some other issue then it could happen. As we get 100% confirmation we will update the dates as CONFIRMED.

    Here are the TENTATIVE race dates for 2013...

    The 2013 R5WaterXRacing Tour

    April 13-14th
    May 18-19th
    June 8-9th
    July 6-7th Madisonville, TX (confirmed)
    Aug 31- Sep 1st Regional Finals


    If your wondering do we even have race locations for the dates except for Madisonville? The answer is YES we are in the process of finalizing details etc.

    If you or somone you know have any questions comments and or concerns or would even like to become part of the R5 Staff please feel free to contact us at 214-498-3592 or email us at [email protected]


    Thank you R5WaterXRacing, LLC

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    +1 looking good R-5
    I will be there
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