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    Parting out 2001 GP1200r 66hrs

    Updated 3-23-13

    What I have left

    Factory Blue Cover- $150

    OEM Head and cover that I bought with 15 hours on it. Looks brand new.- On ebay $150- will end auction for reasonable offer

    Waterbox- $100

    Lower Case- $75

    Ebox and wiring - $150


    Open to reasonable offers. No low balling please. All prices are shipped. Links to ebay listings are on the last page I will end any listing for a reasonable offer. I almost have this ski completely sold. Lets get these last few parts moved out.
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    Interested in bars
    Front bucket
    Front hood depending on condition
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    Any chance you have wave eater clips?

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    Im in Georgia. That dude, PM me about parts listed. I can get you pics and we can discuss prices. Im at the station today so I have been slow to reply. I have all the items you listed except the crank that can be shipped immediately. I dont have the crank out yet. I don't have waveeater clips.

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    Question? Would I be better off keeping the hull complete and selling it like that or selling everything off of it and selling a bare hull? Ill get some pics up of ot tomorrow. If anyone needs a complete hull for a conversion let me know. I just dont want to end up with the largest part of the ski forever.

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    Here are some pictures of the hull. I still have to get the motor pulled and get some pics as I do. All 66hrs were fresh water. I havent found any cracks anywhere.

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    I had started stripping it down to prepare it to be sprayed black. I painted the fairings and glove box lid flat black. Everything is pretty dusty and dirty but is in great shape. I covered the windscreen in 3m Dinoc since it had some bad water spots I could not get off. It is sitting on but not bolted to the hood and latch. I have the grab bar also. I would like to sell the hull complete minus engine, exhaust, and electronics but would entertain a reasonable offer for everything. I have the PPK and ODI grips sole pending payment and shipping quote but everything else is stil there.

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    Here are the Renthals. The Odi's are sold. I also have the black and silver bar pad that came on them. I have not done anything to the bars yet other than test fit the ODI's. They will still have to be ground and drilled for the trim to work.

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