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Thread: 2002 gprxp FS

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    2002 gprxp FS

    I haven't spent had a bunch of time using the ski so I've decided to put it up for sale. It's a 2002 gpr with a 2005 motor. It has a ball bearing turbonetics turbo on it and a VTech tuner with 80lb injectors. Also has the seadoo pump on it with a gpr steering nozzle. There are many more things I will list more about it on here but just to get this out there this is all I'm listing at this time. I'd like to get around 9000 for it and any shipping or delivery would have to be something we talk about.

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    Nice. How fast have you had it? Do you have any pictures of the engine? Thanks.

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    Its going to be this weekend before I can get some more pics and details about the ski on here my wife's got me setting up a damn yard sale tomorrow through the weekend and I just got home from work here at midnight. I haven't been as fast as Id like to go on it (85mph)since I'm out here in New Mexico and so far from water. For anyone who is seriously interested my number is 850-685-7424 and my names Jason. It would be much easier to explain more about it over the phone.

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