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    2006 RXP with Stage II compared to 2013 RXT-X 260

    Besides the obvious size difference, how would these compare?

    Should I even consider a RXT-X 260? Does it handle well compared to older generation RXP? I'm just worried it may not be fast enough... especially at full speed. My RXP is getting older and want to get something new and with the larger hull I feel it would be a much easier ride with an RXT in Tahoe.

    Thanks, much appreciated-


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    How quick is your RXP running? RXT-X 260 is no slouch. 12+px is very good and much easier to ride in choppy conditions than the older style hull.

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    You will be all smiles with the 2013 rxt-x.

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    Any one know of updates to the RXT-X 260 for 2014? Obviously if there are any major changes I would rather wait. As of now, I plan on buying the current model RXT X 260 this Spring. Anyone around the Bay Area, CA that is interested in a 105 hour Stage 2 2006 RXP please message me. In addition, I have a different prop to turn more RPM's at Lake Tahoe (6300ft)

    Thanks for the help

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    Just to add to the thread, i think you will be more than happy with the 2013 rxp or newer rxt's..

    BUT..... the fact that you go faster than most people with the current ski is to me worth it...

    im in the same boat here...

    rebuild my rxp, mod it to a stage 3 maybe stage 2, paint, gelcote, so on....
    or get a newer rxp...

    both, will come up to the same price really...

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    Wright now My wifes COnverted 07 RXP stomps the crap out of my 12 P-X. And for what I paid for it. I must say I could have bought two older ski's 09's and had fun with them also. Its all relative to what you want. I hated my new RXP so much the first 2 rides I bought a ECU upgrade to do away with all the dam limiters they come with making them sluggish and slow. IMO. The OLDER ski's are faster stock for stock. BUT with that all being said I believe it is gonna be a different story once I mod her somemore.

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