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    2001 GTX questions

    Hello. I'm considering a 2001 GTX. It is the white/gold/tan model. Is it correct that this should be a 787RFI? I suspect that the seller is not sure what it is.
    And what's your opinion of a 2001 gtx with 120 hours in decent condition from a reliability standpoint? Thanks in advance.

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    The 787 rfi is known to be a very reliable motor, but you are looking at a machine that is 12 years old. They are nice machines if you get a good 1 or can fix the problems the last operator/mechanic may have caused. Common problems are the voltage regulators going out trying to charge a battery that should have been thrown away because it wouldn't hold a charge.

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    Thanks for the replies

    So Jim, is it correct to assume, (provided that the motor has not been swapped) that this ski is a 787RFI? 2001, with 122 hours claimed.
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    Yes, that is an RFI. The motor has been replaced and the pipe welded, so you know is has been completely torn apart, but you do not know if it was done correctly or what brand parts used inside the motor. I see MANY skis come to me w/ "fresh" motors needing major repairs because something was not installed correctly. But it might be ready for another 200 hours of use if everything was done correctly. If you are interested in the machine, try to get the seller to give some kind of warrenty-- I look at it this way, if he keeps it and it breaks down on him, he would have to fix it anyhow...

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    Thanks for the info. I always have a healthy suspicion of things being sold with "new" or "newly rebuit" motors. I'm going to pass on this. Thanks again, Greg

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