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    Defecting from Polaris and looking for pointers

    Hey guys, I have owned Polaris Skis for a long time and I am tired of not being able to find parts... not to mention how hard they are to work on. I am looking for a ski that is reliable and has easier access in the bay for repairs along with good availability of parts. From what I have read the Yamaha are the most reliable. Is there a thread with all the ups and downs of late 90s to early 2000 models?

    I know about the oil line problem, but are there any other gotchas like polaris?

    Did they make 4 strokes in the early 2000?

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    Yamaha started selling 4-strokes in 2002 with the FX-140. 2005 added VX series to the 4-stroke lineup.
    Most rental outfits use the VX, heard of some with over 800 hours on them. If you're not looking to mod for speed then you can't go wrong with either model.

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    We had a pair of the FX-140's; good 4 strokes, never had any mechanical problems.
    You have to be careful, because these new skis are very expensive to repair so I always tell people to get one with an extended warranty if possible. Another good one is the FX-HO; I don't know your price range, but I would go with a 4 stroke for resale value; you can probably pick up a 2006 low-hour Yamaha FX-HO for under $6,000 if you shop around, see links below...

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