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    Question How close to the edge ?

    With the mods listed in my sig ,Will the Riva Vortec SC impeller with 38 lb injectors perform without getting close to the "danger zone"?

    Notice that the pump impeller is missing from sig. I'm going to establish some performance data before deciding on impeller.But I would appreciate any suggestions on what might work with said mods.(perfer accel over top end)
    Thanks J.D.

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    U dont need Injectors to run that combo ... Youll be more then fine .. Im running
    Stage 1 plus riva wheel,, riva Intercooler,,Riva hull thru ...U nee dto start messing with fuel with higher boost like the stage 3 s/c etc

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    Jeff, you are perfectly fine with the stock injectors.

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    What my word wasnt good enough?? We needed to hear it from the hulkster !!! Yo Green You need to find a better perm marker for your signatures they only last a few hours once you run them in the water

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