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    exhaust manifold temperature and performance

    must the 4 tec exhaust be at a certain temperature to deliver the max performance or can you ceep it cool as possible to keep the temps in the engine bay
    as low as possible.


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    cold water piston seizure is possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    cold water piston seizure is possible
    Whats this have to do with keeping his exhaust manifold as cool as possible???I would not think it would hurt to try to keep the manny as cool as possible.its just a matter of how your gonna do it....

    NOW we have seen this in the Chicagoland Area BUT this was on motors that were running open loop cooling...the cold water coming into the bottom of the block was contracting and the top was expanding do to the heated head/water...This was allowing the piston skirts to rub the bottom of the cylinders/jugs....BUT this was in the engine,not the exhaust..

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    When I was checking EGT on my header setup right at the collector I was still seeing up to 1600 degrees so I don't see how you could get it to cool.

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    Hot header is a happy header.

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    Heres my take on it. The watercooling on the exhaust mani serves two functions. First, to keep the aluminum it is constructed of from melting. Second, to keep the heat out of the engine bay as much as possible. Cured fibreglass has the possibility of shinking, shifting and possibly cracking when heated. We see this all the time on the rear decks of Lamborghinis. N/A skis, just like their supercharged and intercooled brothers run the same cooling system, except the non N/A skis have the cooling run into the intercooler first; At least on the older skis. Since the introduction of the external intercooler, it has been tee'd off to supply both at the same time. That being said, you cant supply to cold of a water stream into the exhaust mani. You can feed it directly from the pump just like the N/A skis do from the factory.

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