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    Tune up after rebuild run in

    im new to carbs what's the easy/best way to tune your carbs I've had full rebuild its all ran in now I just want to know how to tune them right I've read some the guides on here but just seem to lose me lol
    can someone help please last thing I wanna do is blow it up after have the build
    also I'm going run 40-1 is that ok

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    We will need to know what machine and engine, also what mods or stock.

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    Hi there yes might of helped lol!

    Well it's xp 951 1999 0.5mm over size pistons, solas prop, modified carbs, air filters

    I'm just not 100% sure on how to tune them, I had the rebulid done last year ran 2 tanks petrol at 60/1 now iv gone to 40/1
    The mechanic said I then have to fine tune the ski that's we're I am lost I was wondering if anyone could help with the screws from seated and how many turns on each screw??

    Sorry to sound stupid but I just ain't 100% sure about carbs
    Thanks Toby

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    what jetting do you have in the carbs? How were the carbs modified-- pumps still working properly and timed correctly? Have all your fuel lines been replaced-- selector switch bypassed, replaced or atleast cleaned out? Internal carb filters cleaned, new check valves on the fuel pump body? New sediment bowl assemblly is highly recommended or atleast clean the filter and pressure test the bowl-- should easily hold 25 psi for 10 minutues. What design solas impeller and what pitch? How many rpm will the ski currently run on a quick full throttle 5 second or so run? What was the piston to cylinder clearance set at? Were the rave blades clearanced for the over bore?

    Why was the motor rebuilt and how did it run before it was rebuilt-- any other changes made to your setup at the time of "rebuild"?
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    If you have aftermarket air filters you will require larger jets so as to give you the correct fuel/air ratio for a proper running engine.Its a good idea if you have the grey tempo fuel lines to remove them totally as they rot from the inside out and eventually block the carbs and then lean seize your engine from not enough fuel .
    If you have the accelerator pumps working I would use :
    87.5 low speeds adjuster screws open 1.5 turns
    167.5 highs closed
    2.0mm N/Seat with 20psi pop off.I use the black 80 gram spring usually gives me 20 psi

    If you have the accelerator pumps deactivated
    All of the above except the lows are 95 open 1.5 turns.

    This is a safe jetting setting that will get your revs up about 6950 -7000 depending upon the pitch of your impeller.
    I use 165 on my personal skis .

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