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    blown up 300x..... 11 hrs total.....

    Heeeeelp please. im in tears. Im new to jet ski's i do admit but had race bikes all my life. broke in my new jet, 5 hours on the training key and no crazy stuff. Took it out on the race key and still only rec use and no prolonged WOT. after 11 hours piston #1 looks like it was molested with a gas torch..... major blow by and probably poluted the complete engine with metal particles. I took it all appart and now can deside if to open op the crank case also and check the bearings for polution. I did not run it long after it gave up the beef and i realised only 3 cylinders was left. Valves still look ok i recon but might have been some alu particles making some damage to the valve sealing surface?????

    Also, most importantly, i hate to put the jet back together now as i still dont know what caused this? must be a fuel thing i recon or a fuel injector that failed? looks like this particular cylinder was running way to lean?

    Someone out there HEEEEEELP please!Click image for larger version. 

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    Is it under warranty?

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    You don't break a ski in on the learning key.
    But i don't think that had anything to do with the break down...

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    That sucks. Where are you located Knallan? You got warranty?

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    welcome to the club my guess fuel related, guessing its an import if you are this stressed and havent taken it to a dealer!! if it was mine i would remove the oil pan, clean the oil pick up check and or replace the oil pump, replace the cylinder block and all pistons etc. from past experience i wouldnt split the cases. clean the head and valves up should be good to go.

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    blown up 300x..... 11 hrs total.....

    Man that sucks

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    Sorry to hear this....assume you put in 93 Oct. or the equivalent of that octane?
    If or when you decide to get the parts to build it back...a lot of Kawasaki guys here will walk you thru it if needed....

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    Washer mod?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pandan9 View Post
    Is it under warranty?
    Quote Originally Posted by sirbreaksalot View Post
    What fuel did you run?


    And why didn't you take back to dealer ?
    Thats what i was wondering?? I'm guessing he has done some mods

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    I wouldn't dig too deep into that thing. At 11 hours I am assuming you have had the Unit under a year . . . so this should be a Warranty situation I would think (provided you have not done any major Mods to the Ski). Something went catastrophically wrong here. Well, get it to a Dealer as soon as you are able. JB

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