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Thread: RXP flame set

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    Lightbulb RXP flame set

    Im sure this has been asked before but I couldnt find it so sorry...
    does anyone know where you can get the stock side flame decal set with "RXP" in it which only was put on the 05 red/green and 06 gold/red models? I have tried to look but to no avail and my existing ones are a bit shoddy
    any leads appreciated thankyou!

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    You can always try the parts locator on the seadoo website...

    should be there in decals...

    however these do get quite expensive (180$ per side for my challenger 180SE!(note: just the wave pattern, plus the big seadoo... so for a boat it was 800-900$ just in decals...unsure about ski prices..)

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    part number and price off the 06 rxp

    219902568 Rear Identification Decal LH. Maya Gold, B-270 $27.49 CAD
    219902569 Rear Identification Decal LH. Viper Red, B-267 $27.49 CAD
    219902570 Rear Identification Decal RH. Maya Gold, B-270 $27.49 CAD
    219902571 Rear Identification Decal RH. Viper Red, B-267 $27.49 CAD

    this is from seadoo
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    Yea i just got mine 2 weeks ago (sorry GH) I ordered all 05 GREEN Rxp both rear sides with the "Rxp" logo the two SC IC and 05 rear sides RXT , yes RXT to place up front above the registration area. I'll post some pix later as its in the paintshop right now.

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    That would look very good I imagine please post pictures ASAP!!

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    sea - one I am waiting for this eagerly,,,,,I thinking of doing the same thing to my ski

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