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    1999 SLX 1050 Decisions Decisions Decisions

    Hello! Obviously I am new here. I picked up a good deal over the weekend on a package of 1997 SL1050, 1999 SLX (with the 1050), and a double shorelander trailer all with titles. I bought it know the SLX needed engine work which isnt a big deal just cant decide which is the best way to go weighing money vs value aspect. Time isn't that much of a concern as here in MO hunting season is over with until the beginning of April and boating season isn't until after that of course. So heres the situation after i disassembled it,

    *Rear PTO cylinder grenaded (literally)
    *Wrist pin was rattling in the cylinder and the cylinder is in 3 seperate pieces
    *Obviously the rod is bent
    *Pulled off the other 2 cylinders to inspect, they are healthy no scores, no ring damage no lean burn or dry spots
    *Havent pulled the case out of the hull yet to inspect case but just by knowing the shaft is still intact I would most likely ascertain the case is ok (Noted I've been wrong before)

    SO! Options.. In order of cost least first (single parent)

    1) Found a cylinder and head for $50 in good shape just need to be cross hatched for new ring and piston. Haven't yet found an OEM standard bore piston for less than $175 however I've found many WSM (used before in my ATVS with good success) for $90 with rings,clips, pins etc. Re-ring and hone/crosshatch the other 2 cyclinders for good measure.Finally send out the crank to be repair, trued, balanced, and pin welded for $250. So a total of roughly $400.
    Concern: Has anyone ever placed an aftermarket piston on a crank with 2 OE pistons? Concerned about balance issue?

    2)Everything in #1 except replace all 3 pistons with matching WSM pistons which would bring my cost to roughly $600
    Concern: None really just is there is a reason to spend this amount or not?

    3) Have engine reman from Pacific Skis or SBT for about $1200-$1400 after shipping costs.
    Concern: I'm a single parent and the $800 difference between this and option 1 or $600 between option 2 is a lot of money. Those who are single parents im sure you agree lol!

    Just wanted to get thoughts or opinions from folks on this to bounce my ideas off of. Before anyone jumps on the "switch to premix" bandwagon if you are familiar with these engines they are not constant flow pressure it's varible injection so when your RPMS are high your missing almost a 30:1 mix.. Thats a lot of oil missing. Further since the piston was not seized and was indeed literally melted (rings are actually melded in the piston pieces) from my experience this usually happens from excess heat from blocked carbs not delivering enough fuel. However I will gladly listen to other advice so long as it's not "oil pumps suck". As I assure you MANY of skis have had engine replacements claimed to be from "bad oil pumps" which had nothing to do with the oil pumps. Especially the polaris pumps. I greatly appreciate your thoughts! Chris

    o! P.S. the SL1050 runs great needs nothing so no worries there.

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    Option #1 would be fine, although if you include gaskets etc... you are looking at more like $600 for the engine parts/repairs IMO. With all options, you'd have to do the fuel updates - rebuilt carbs, new fuel lines etc...another $275 or so - and you are right, don't go to premix, Polaris oil pums are very reliable.

    Also, I wouldn't assume ANYTHING with the running one. I would pull and check out the carbs and replace fuel lines if they are still original....go to - there is a wealth of info there.

    Where in MO are you?
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    You are on the right track. I would definitely open up the carbs on both machines and make sure they are clean. Inspect and replace parts as necessary. If you have grey fuel lines replace those. A whole top end kit with all 3 pistons, rings and gaskets would be around 300 bucks. You would have to add new crank seals as well to that. Sounds like a good project.

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    Cedar Hill to be specific. I had planned on fuel like replacement and carb rebuild which is why I didn't include it in those options. Thank you for the advice on the knowledge board it can always come in handy! I like your thoughts on going ahead and replaceing fuel lines on the other as well it's not much money and clogged fuel lines are of course common problems in PWCs.

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    My fuel lines on both skis are all black so I'm assuming they were already replaced at one time? I remember something a while back about grey fuel lines on polaris but it could just be my memory failing again. I will for sure check them anyways those. No reason to blow up an engine of relatively cheap fuel line

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    I should have also added in my original post CDI says 221 hrs if that makes any difference in opinions.

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    Gray tempo lines are what you're referring to...

    Post some PICS!

    Where do you ride?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChessieTrainer View Post
    Cedar Hill to be specific...
    You can update your member Profile to include your location and your watercraft info

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