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    1987 300 sx questions?!?!

    So the other day i picked up a 300sx for pretty much free. it hasnt started in over 10 years but it has spark and isnt locked up. so i got it home and took the motor out and took it almost completly apart. when i did this i saw 3 streaks in the piston and water in the crank case. but i still cant get the crank case to come apart so i can take a better look. thats where my questions are why is the piston streaked? why is there water in the crank case nd how do i get the case apart. if any one has any input it would be gladly pappreciated.

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    1987 300 sx questions?!?!

    The crank case you have to pull the fly wheel and stator off then un do all the case bolts and gently pry apart it's held together with sealant. Water in there's is obviously from last owner or sitting out side and water getting in motor. Most likely crank is shot. As for the rest hard to say without seeing pics.

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