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    Another ultra 150 I am looking at

    I am looking at another ultra 150, I'll post the ad here to see what you guys think. He says the top end was built beginning of last summer, and recently blew a hole in the front piston. Says cylinder wall isn't horrible, but may need to be resurfaced by a machinist. Thing is they are bigger pistons, so idk how much more meat you can take off them, and he couldn't pin point what made the front piston blow. Anyhow, we are interested in trading items for his ski, let me know what you guys think, or if I should stay away. Has some money tied up into it, just don't want an ongoing problem jet ski like my last ultra!

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    Sounds like you'd be buying somebody else's problems to me. Have you had a 150 before? I don't think this would be a very good one to learn on.

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    Yeah this would be my second ultra. Only thing is I would be trading, not spending money, but really do not want to get into another money pit. Now I know they make 2 different outlaw 1350 kits, one for 91 octane and one for 100 plus octane, and if he has the 100 plus and used pump gas, that can cause combustion in the chamber and blow that piston apart. Would really like one bone stock, but I mean I guess it could be a hit or miss.

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    Re: Another ultra 150 I am looking at

    This one has been on craigslist for awhile.

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