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    1997 GP1200 ( 65U ) Rebuild or Replace

    I'm new to this site and PWC's in general. I recently purchased a 1997 GP1200 with a bad engine(65U). I am fully capable of doing engine work (to an extent) but I'm in a bit of a pinch. When I purchased the ski, the previous owner had already removed the head and saw that the rear cylinder piston was shot, hence the reason for sale. From what I examined on the ski and the condition everything else was in, it was a pretty good buy. I got the ski home, ripped the engine out and my dreams were shattered as I was greeted with a hole in the crankcase. It wasn't too bad, perhaps reapirable. WRONG. Deeper into tear down of the engine, I could see the rod was bent, broke, and lodged into the bottom half of the crankcase as well. Right where the rear bearing seats. Also from my diagnosis of lack of oil to that cylinder, chewed up the crankshaft. From what I've read on this forum I am 95% sure the carb/fuel pump for that cylinder had failed and caused that cylinder to lean out. I'll be confirming that tonight. Anywho I was wondering where I could get a crank case that wouldnt set my wallet on fire and wether or not it would be better to send it in to say, and just have them do it. Has anyone used them before with good results? Does anyone have a 65U they would be willing to sell or part out? Furthermore, I would like to get some opinions on wether or not the head looks good enough to use. There are light scratches on it, no deeper than a finger nail just on the rear cylinder.


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    First I would gather information and research by getting yourself acquainted with the different sub forums within Yamaha while building your post count. You then post a WTB in the appropriate section entire engine. That engine is beyond repair and/or, it will cost more to repair then to buy a used engine (unless those cylinders are salvageable). Check the starter, PTO and magneto for damage and save those. Clean/rebuild the carbs take pics. Buy your short/long block used or buy new. Post under projects and show us your rebuild!

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    You can reuse the head, just sand down the roughness in the chamber. It isn't ideal but it'll work fine. You can usually find a crankcase in the classifieds here or on eBay. Then you'll need a crank, pistons, gaskets, etc.
    do you have a service manual for this GP1200 yet. You'll need one.

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    Fix it and upgrade'll be glad you did.

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    Yea, I found the link on here for the manual. I also saw the thread "GP1200 engine failure questions" that was posted September last year that Cutlass had responded too. That has been a big help! One thing I forgot to mention is that the engine had already been rebuilt once. Same cylinder failure, just not as bad the first time. The bottom end had been repaired on the very bottom of the case. I did notice hairline cracks on the repair today and wondered if perhaps that may have also been causing a leak. During this failure most of the damage went towards the side of the crank case. As far as upgrades, are you referring to the primer, crankcase gasket and such? Something else that I thought about was it seems to be a fairly deficient design for the carbs. I thought about using a separate fuel pump with a regulator so that if it fails, I'm stuck. Not blown up. Any ideas?

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    I just found a case set for $380, ported and polished. Good deal?

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    Depends on the work performed. Probably the right price but I don't know about a great deal.

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    Probably, depends on who did the work plus you will to make sure the case porting matches up with your cylinders. Send them off to
    Kevin will make sure they match and get them to spec. Rebuild is the way to you are doing it the right way imo.

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    Well thus far I found a new top half of the crankcase for $100 and i'm getting the bottom repaired for $50. Thought that was pretty cheap. I still need one journal and rod replaced on the crank. Anyone know of somewhere near Detroit MI or Toledo OH?

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    Check with serious shops that work on snowbobiles. You might find one that can do cranks. Or just send it off to a company like crankworks.

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