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    Use of drive shaft bearing housing during alignment process on a 96 SL700

    Just checking to see if it is recommended to have the drive shaft bearing housing installed when doing the drive shaft alignment proceedure. I'm in the process of replacing the jet drive bearings and seals, so that end should be nice and firm. I've looked through a bunch of posts and video's on the subject and I've seen it done both ways although the majority seem to do it with the DSBH removed.

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    I have always done it with the seal housing removed.

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    You want the drive shaft seal to NOT be in the way. The alignment you are working towards is between the jet pump, which is the thing that determines what 'correct' alignment is, and the engine itself.

    The engine end of the alignment tool, and eventually the installed drive shaft, is considered to be in alignment when the shaft is exactly in line with the axis through the jet pump stator bearings. In effect the stator bearing centerline axis should go right through the crankshaft centerline, PTO to flywheel.

    The job of the driveshaft through-hull seal assembly is simply to ride on the drive shaft. It in no way should influence where the drive shaft is positioned in the hull.

    Since the standard (non-MSX) through hull bearing is mounted on a semi-flexible rubber 'hose' section, it should simply conform to the actual drive shaft location when everything is re-assembled. If you leave the through-hull seal assembly in place while aligning the engine, you need to watch that the seal itself is not shifting the alignment tool around.

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    Great explanation, Got it, no drive shaft seal.



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